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Printer Roulette

Printer Roulette: When you have more than one printer on a network, you don't know which printer will print the document. To end printer roulette, you must give each printer a distinct name.

To change printer name from LaserWriter 12/640 PS to LaserWriter Rm321

Warning: Make sure all printers are shut off except the one printer you are naming.

Do this on only one computer that is on the network.
Get “The Apple Printer Software Collection” CD-Rom
install Apple Printer Utility

Open Hard Drive
Open Apple LaserWriter Software folder
Click on “Apple Printer Utility”
Highlight LaserWriter 12/640 PS
Click “Open Printer”
Wait till dialog box for the printer opens.
Scroll down to “Name”
Click on the triangle button to the left of “Name”
Click inside the input box with the printer's name (LaserWriter 12/640 PS)
Delete “LaserWriter 12/640 PS” and then type “LaserWriter Rm321”
Click “Send”
Click “Update Info”
Close dialog box window
Quit (Apple Key + Q)
Close all windows

Do this on each each computer that will use the printer.
Warning: make sure that the printer software for the printer has been installed on the computer.
Open Chooser
Click “LaserWriter 8”
Click on the new name (LaserWriter Rm321)
Click “Create”
(If a “Select a PostScript Printer Description File” Dialog box opens, and your printer is not on the list, you did not install the printer software on this computer for this printer.
Cancel the chooser. If an Icon (Alias) for the printer is on the desktop, trash it.
Install the printer software. )
Click “Setup”
Click “Auto Setup”
Click “OK”
Close Chooser

Open your Document, Application or Word processor
From Page Setup select new printer (LaserWriter Rm321)
From Print select new printer (LaserWriter Rm321)

Your document should now have been printed on the printer you selected.