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3. Enter the number of times you see each card:
A= 2= 3= 4= 5=
6= 7= 8= 9=
Value 10=
5. Click to Continue        Click to Start a New Game

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The object of the game is to see how many random cards you can classify by frequency from memory.

1. To start: Click "Click to See Cards" button

2. Study the cards and try to remember the frequency of the cards

3. To hide the cards: Click "Click to Cover Cards" button

4. Enter the number of times you see each card in the corresponding Answer Box

5. Picture cards (Jack, Queen and King) have the value of 10.
The sum of their frequency is to be entered in the Value 10 box.

      A=Ace       J=Jack       Q=Queen       K=King

6. Click "Click for Results" button to see your score

7. If your answer was correct, then click "Click to See Cards" button. If you do not see the "Click to See Cards" button then click "Click to Continue" button

8. If your answer was wrong, then Click "click here to start a new game"
       To see the correct answer, Click "Click to See Letters" button

9. If you wish to start the game with more than one card, Click "Click to See Cards" button repeatedly until you see the number of letters with which you wish to start

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